Diamond PCD Cup Wheels

PCD equipped grinding cups / cup wheels are ideally suited for the removal of various coatings.
On materials which cause a clogging of the diamond segments in the grinding process the PCD equipped cup is proving its strength.

A polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a high quality cutting material and is used for the stone, wood, plastic and for non-ferrous machining. The PCD is made of different-sized diamond crystals by a sinter process. Thus, the PCD is extremely hard and wear resistant.

It is ideal for removing coatings of all kinds.


Diamond Tools

4007 PCD Cup Wheel Fine

4007 PCD Cup Wheel Fine 
Ø 125, 180 mm
For the removal of thin coatings.
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4008 PCD Cup Wheel Pointed

4008 PCD Cup Wheel Pointed
Ø 125, 180 mm
Versatile tool for removing coating of different thickness.
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4005 PCD Cup very aggressive

4005 PCD Cup Extra High Pointed
Ø 125, 180 mm.
For fast removal of thick coatings.
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4006 r PCD diamond Cup circular

4006 PCD Cup Wheel Circular
Ø 125 and 175 mm
Primarily used for removing heavy coatings.
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4006 PCD Cup Wheel with special diameters
fits for Ø 130 mm Festool RG130 und Ø 150 mm Hilti DG150
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4009 Grinding Cup to remove coatings

4009 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Cup
Ø 125 - 180 mm
Very fast grinding
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