Diamond Cutting Blades for Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Stoneware

Diamond discs for cutting tiles are subject to the highest quality requirements.  As the requirements are quite different depending on the material of the tiles we offer diamond discs for standard tiles, GRES–tiles through to very hard porcelain stoneware.  For working natural stone we offer diamond discs for hard granite, slate through to marble. For professional stove fitters we have the diamond discs suitable for cutting stove tiles and hard fire clay bricks.

Our diamond discs are mainly used in angle grinders and table saws.

Please note:
Further bore diameters for the different diamond discs are available on demand. 


3901 Diamond Blade Ceramic Speed

3901 Ceramic Speed 
Ø 115 und 125 mm
Special segment design for a very clean, even and smooth cutting in porcelain stoneware.
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Tile blade with M14 flange

3901 Ceramic Speed with M14-flange for flush cutting.
Ø 115 und 125 mm
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3907 Diamond Tile Blade Speed Cut

3907 Speed Cut
Ø 115 - 350 mm
Fast cutting in hard porcelain stoneware
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3957 Diamond Cutting Blade Turbo Tile Multi

3957 Turbo Tile Multi 
Ø 115 - 350 mm
Thin blade with a very fast cut.
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3977 Diamond Cutting Blade Turbo Fast Cut

3977 Turbo Tiles Fast Cut
Ø 115 und 125 mm
Clean and smooth cutting.
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2057 Diamond Tile Blade Silence Laser

2057 Silence Laser
Ø 300 - 400 mm
Blade with reduced noise level for hard ceramic.
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2117.125-GB-M14 Diamond Cutting/Grinding Disc Special TS

2117 Special Cutting/Grinding Disc
Ø 125 mm
Electroplated blade for cutting and grinding.
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2107 Diamond blade for glass

2107 Special Blade Mosaic
Ø 115 mm for cutting glass mosaic and glass tiles.
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2117 Diamond Blade Continuous Rim

2117 Special Continuous Rim
Ø 100 - 350 mm
Electroplated blade for marble and plastics.
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2117 Diamond Blade Special Segmented

2117 Special Segmented
Ø 115 - 350 mm
Electroplated blade for marble and plastics.
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