Diamond Cup Wheels – Diamond Grinding Cups, Diamond Grinding Discs, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Plates

We offer a wide range of diamond grinding tools  from diamond-tipped grinding cups, PCD equipped cup wheels  through to polishing pads and diamond tools for floor grinding machines.

Our PCD-cup wheels are a highlight in our product range. A diamond-tipped grinding cup is only suitable to a limited extend for the removal of coatings, that is when our PCD equipped cup wheel comes in.  Our PCD equipped grinding cups impress with their exceptional quality and durability.
PCD – segments in different sizes enable the removal of coatings in different thicknesses.
The diamond grinding cups are available in different quality categories to fulfill a variety of requirements in regard to removal rate, grinding efficiency and tool life.  We offer special cups for
grinding coatings and concrete in one operation.  As a strong suction capacity for the removal of the
grinding dust is a key factor for the performance and the tool life of a grinding cup we offer grinding cups with a wide variety of  different suction holes. 

For the processing of natural stone and tiles we offer various polishing pads for the use on angle grinders.

The processing and re-finishing of floors is becoming increasingly important. For the cleaning, the
polishing, the re-finishing as well as the new installation of cement-bonded or natural stone floors
you will find the suitable tools in our program.

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