8501 Diamond Grinding Disc Star

Star grinding disc Ø 250 mm.
Very good dust extraction due to the star-shape.
Universal connection with 19 mm centre hole and M12 counter sunk screw.

Diamond Grinding Disc Star with long segments

Star grinding disc with 20 diamond segments 40x10x10 mm

Attention: other colors of the segment bond

Applications: green concrete, screed, abrasive materials

8501.250.11.23 blue hard

Applications: hard concrete or screed

8501.250.11.43 green medium

Applications: very hard concrete or screed

8501.250.11.63 red soft

Applications: extremely hard concrete or screed

8501.250.11.73 black extremely soft

Diamond Grinding Disc Star with Arrow Segments

The arrow-shaped segments are for quick and easy removal of coatings and grinding of concrete surfaces in one operation.
Segment height 8 mm.

Applications: hard concrete or screed, color, epoxy and synthetic materials

8501.250.13.43 red medium

PCD Star Grinding Cup

PCD segments for the removal of thermoplastic coatings.
10 PCD circular segments with 10 supporting segments.

Applications: adhesive, filler material, Bitumen, sealants, paint coating, epoxy, resilient materials

8501.250.75.010-R silver 10 PCD with 10 supporting segments


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