8501 Diamond Grinding Disc Star

Star grinding disc Ø 250 mm.
Very good dust extraction due to the star-shape.
Universal connection with 19 mm centre hole and M12 counter sunk screw.

Diamond Grinding Disc Star with long segments

Star grinding disc with 20 diamond segments 40x10x10 mm

Attention: other colors of the segment bond

8501.250.11.23 Diamond Grinding Disc with hard segment

Applications: green concrete, screed, abrasive materials

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.11.23 blue hard
8501.250.11.43 Grinding Cup Star with medium segment hardness

Applications: hard concrete or screed

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.11.43 green medium
8501.250.11.63 Grinding Cup Star with soft segment

Applications: very hard concrete or screed

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.11.63 red soft
8501.2501.11.73 Grinding Cup Star with very soft segment

Applications: extremely hard concrete or screed

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.11.73 black extremely soft

Diamond Grinding Disc Star with Arrow Segments

The arrow-shaped segments are for quick and easy removal of coatings and grinding of concrete surfaces in one operation.
Segment height 8 mm.

8501.250.13.43 Grinding Cup Star with Arrow segments, medium bond

Applications: hard concrete or screed, color, epoxy and synthetic materials

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.13.43 red medium

PCD Star Grinding Cup

PCD segments for the removal of thermoplastic coatings.
10 PCD circular segments with 10 supporting segments.

8501.250.75.010-R PCD-Grinding-Cup with supporting segments

Applications: adhesive, filler material, Bitumen, sealants, paint coating, epoxy, resilient materials

Art-No. Color Segment
8501.250.75.010-R silver 10 PCD with 10 supporting segments


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