3901 Diamond Cutting Blade Ceramic Speed with M14 Flange

Diamond blade with M14 flange for flush cutting.
A special segment design together with high quality diamonds guarantee a very clean, even and smooth cutting. 
Provides very fast cutting as well as a long blade life even when used in very hard materials.
Very clean and chip free cutting edge - excellent for cutting delicate surfaces.
With a reinforced steel core for smooth cutting with minimum vibration.
Segment height: 8,5 mm
For dry and wet cutting.

Notice: Do not use for grinding.

Extremely hard porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, tiles, hard granite, marble

Super Premium

Disc mmReceptionHeight mmThickness mm
3901.115.M14 115 M14 8,5 1,3
3901.125.M14 125 M14 8,5 1,3