80408 Diamond Core Drills M14 Dry with Wax Filling

80408 Diamond Core Drills M14 with wax
80408 Diamond Core Drill Kit M14 connection

Your problem solver for drilling holes in ceramic and porcelain stoneware. 

Under vacuum brazed diamonds guarantee a precise cut and a long service life.
Core drills with wax filling provide a high cutting speed and a greatly improved productivity and tool life on small diameters. 
With a M14-threaded connection for the use in angle grinders.
For dry and wet drilling. 

Porcelain stoneware, ceramic, tiles, thin granite/natural stones


A handy set for every plumper.
The compact, robust and high quality box fits in every tool bag.

Art-No. Core Drill Segment
Ø in mm Total length mm Height mm
80408.06.W 6 63,0 10,0
80408.08.W 8 63,0 10,0
80408.10.W 10 63,0 10,0
80408.12.W 12 63,0 10,0
80408.14.W 14 63,0 10,0
80408.Satz6-10W Ø 6, 8, 10 mm 63,0 10,0

Please mind when using the tools, that you

  • are not using a centering drill.
  • tilt the drilling tool lightly when you start drilling on extremely hard stoneware. Bring the drilling tool slowly back in a vertical position once the drill is penetrating.
  • make slightly stirring/cicling moves with the drilling tool for better dust removal.