2050 Diamond Blade Speed Wave With Flange

2050 Diamond Blade Speed Wave with Flange

Newly developed, high quality wave segments for extremely fast cutting and a very good tool life. 
Allows fast and efficient working as the blade penetrates the material very quickly. 
With M14 aluminium flange for flush cutting.
High quality core blade with a hole pattern and key hole slots for smooth cutting and an optimal cooling of the segments.
10 mm segment height, laser welded segments. 
For dry and wet cutting.

Notice: Do not use for grinding!

Reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, granite, natural stone, ductile tubes, hard limestone, roofing tiles, clinker bricks

Super Premium

Art-No. Disc Segment
Disc mm Reception Height mm Thickness mm
2050.125-Flansch 125 M14 10,0 2,3
2050.230-Flansch 230 M14 10,0 2,6